William Scott Harris

“My wife and I purchased our first ever home this year in Mobile, Al. We had looked at several homes in the West Mobile area before finally being shown a few homes renovated by Prime Design Homes. We were absolutely blown away by the improvements they had made to these 1970s era homes. The first two we toured had brand new fireplaces, renovated kitchens, and excellent design all-around. The third home, however, was easily the winner. We instantly fell in love with the wide-open floorplan, the beautiful white cabinets and white marble countertops, and the lovely hardwood flooring. The house had been stripped to the studs, walls had been demolished, and the entire house was transformed into the perfect home in which to grow our family. We knew before the tour was even over that this would be our first home. We immediately put in an offer and were fortunate enough to meet the superintendent from Prime Design Homes in charge of our renovation who went over all the modifications and massive upgrades that had been performed. We were even allowed to request a few small additional upgrades that we had been denied when looking at a brand-new construction home. Their service was absolutely outstanding, and the finished product is nothing short of amazing. My wife and I could not be any happier with our experience with Prime Design Homes and would recommend ANYONE looking for a new home to check out their current selection.”